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Woman at the Well

Carl Heinrich Bloch

Woman at the Well - Carl Heinrich Bloch -

Title:Woman at the Well
Painted by:Carl Heinrich Bloch
Location:Public Collection

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There's always been a dark cloud hanging over this scene in my mind... And I think Mr. Bloch clears it up. Can never get a clear picture of this when I imagine it. The background here is just so serene and peaceful. There's just something about painted 'Naturescapes' that make me think "this is the way if was supposed to be". Sure you can have the world shattering view of thegrand canyon taken with a 12 megapixel camera and still not capture the...the peace he establishes here. Sad fact that I admire the colors and mood more than the actually life changing the woman at the well is experiencing. All in all, another classic.
Eye For Nature
Posted by AlmostIllmatic on 12.December 2009, 00:57

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